I’ve been in a bit of a foul mood since returning from vacation. It relaxed and recharged me, but also made all the lousy stuff that I’d been learning to ignore stand out in stark relief again. So I’m not exactly a happy camper right now, and not in the mood to blog, despite having things to report. So I’m compromising and giving you the quickie version of the last few weeks.

  • Limpet likes hamburger — what raccoon wouldn’t? — but refuses to eat my take-out leftovers straight from the box. Something about the styrofoam scares him; he’d get close but wouldn’t take the food out of it. I finally had to go out on the porch (which caused him to run off), put the food on the ground, and wait for him to come back. (That’s him below, too. In case you can’t tell, that’s a bite of hamburger that he’s clutching in his little paws.)

    Sadly, Limpet has been MIA for a couple of days now, which worries me. I hope he hasn’t been hit by a car or gotten sick. (As someone was quick to point out today, raccoons do get rabies. I know; don’t remind me. This is my pet we’re talking about — and your dog can get that too, buddy.)
  • The raccoon twins are taking up the void Limpet has left. They and their mom have been actively scouting the porch for several days now. One toddler is swifter than the other, who seems a bit clueless about sniffing out food on his own. They also like to tote their prizes around the yard during the process of eating it — presumably to keep anyone else from trying to get a piece. (See the smart one above, hovering over a stale biscuit he’d claimed for his own.)
  • The creative writing retreat was amazing and I had a wonderful time. I organized all my hand-written notes about my novel, transferred most of the ones that were still relevant into Word docs, and edited various scenes (pretty much jumping wherever my notes and/or whims took me). It was productive and helpful but made me realize that I have a lot of work left to do.
  • Oddly, most of the folks I think of as regulars were not at the retreat. But I had my roommate Diane, who was great company, and enough other familiar folks that I didn’t feel lost the way I was afraid I might. So all was good in the end.
  • Since returning from my trip, a number of things are annoying me to no end — so much so that this morning I found myself looking at apartments online. I probably won’t do anything before our lease is up but I’m keeping the option in reserve if I get really desperate.

Hmm. Well, I think that’s life in a nutshell at this point. Consider yourself updated. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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