Sorry for the long dry spell here, with only sidebar updates. I’ve been a bit preoccupied, since my parents & I are moving in roughly a week’s time. Even pooling our resources, housing here in post-Katrina New Orleans is just too expensive, and now that we’re taking care of my grandmother, we need a home with a better layout. So we’re moving to another rental about 45 minutes away, just a few minutes from my grandmother’s house. We’re going to try moving her back into her house and we’ll see how (or if) that works. (Fingers crossed!!!) And if it doesn’t work, at least we’ll have an extra bedroom (translation: my parents won’t have their bed in a walk-in closet).

In other news, the race to read is going well — I’ll finish “The King’s Own” tonight, leaving me with just 2 more books to go in the 2 weeks that remain this year. I’m also partway through the audio version of Terry Pratchett’s “Reaper Man”… and then there will be just one left! I think it’s going to be “The Devil Inside” but I’ll decide that tomorrow.

Lastly, we have a new furry face outside. There’s a stray kitten (probably 3 months old) that has been wandering around the yard on a regular basis. After seeing it for a couple of days, I started putting out little dishes of milk and cat food (and occasionally other treats), which it gratefully consumes. I’m trying to make friends with it, but it’s very skittish. It is warming up to me, though — I think it’s finally made the connection between me and the food! Not sure what we’re going to do next week when we move… I can’t imagine leaving it alone with winter coming. I’m hoping we can catch it and take it with us. I’ll keep you posted.

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