The move was no fun. Enough said on that subject.

The new house is wonderful. It will be even better when we have pictures hung.

Grandma is still not happy. In fact, she is seriously unhappy and lets us know at every possible occasion. Sigh.

The pretty kitty didn’t come with us to our new digs. During the last week, she wasn’t spending as much time in our yard, and then she disappeared entirely a day or two before the move. We hope she found a good home.

I succeeded in completing my reading challenge for the year, finishing book # 30 on New Year’s Eve. (Yay, me!) This year I’m going to do a somewhat different challenge — my goal is to read all of the 20 or so books that I purchased in previous years but never read. Some of them are pretty long, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge!

That’s the headlines from my corner of the world. Stay tuned to this channel; further bulletins as events warrant…

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