I just had a new (and very cool) experience: my first time as a Secret Shopper.

A few months ago, I got an email from Coldwater Creek, a women’s clothing store that has me on their mailing list. They were looking for Secret Shoppers — people to go into their local store and shop, then report back about the experience. I signed up to be considered and got chosen. Yay!!! $100 of shopping on Coldwater Creek!

Last night was my first of 2 trips. Armed with my initial $50 gift card, I spent about 45 minutes in the store. After canvassing the place, I wasn’t sure I was going to actually buy anything this trip — I tried some tops but none fit quite right, and I wanted to get something nice, not just a couple of t-shirts that I could find anywhere. But I finally found a really cute jacket on sale, and luckily they had one in my size hidden in the back. Kudos to the sales associate for going the extra mile for the Secret Shopper! And best of all, I have a little bit of credit left on my card to supplement the next go-round.

Now, if only I could get other places to pay me to shop… I could get used to this!

(Photo source: Coldwater Creek website)

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