I have a couple of new possessions that please me. First, in preparation for my San Francisco trip, I have new Mary Jane-style tennis shoes (a steal at $20 from Target). Normally, I’m not much of a shoe enthusiast; I’m hard to fit, for one thing, and shoes rarely look that great once they’ve been scaled up to size 10. But these actually make my feet look sort of feminine and cute, so they’re wonderous shoes indeed. (They also came in a really pretty metallic copper, and I was tempted to get those too, but I resisted.)

I also have a new toy courtesy of my uncle, who was cleaning house and wanted to get rid of some of the toys his grandchildren no longer use. Mom volunteered to find good homes for them, but one has already found a home on my desk. It’s bright green with big eyes and it lights up in different colors when you shake it. I don’t know why, but the bouncy, silly little thing totally makes me laugh. Dad said it’s probably a $0.50 toy but he’s sure I’ve gotten at least $4 of enjoyment out of it. (For the record, it cracks Mom up too. So I’m not the only crazy person here.)

It’s amazing how much joy can be found in little things — getting a toy, reading a book, eating a pastry, petting a dog. I hope I never lose the ability to delight in simple pleasures.

UPDATE: I have christened my little green friend Spike. It seemed appropriate.

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