After a run of not-so-stellar months, I finally felt like things were mostly getting on track (choir issues aside — I’ll leave that discussion for another day). I’m feeling better and getting caught up with work after weeks of just scraping by. I should have known that things were going too well, right?


Ironically, I almost feel like I jinxed myself. Yesterday, a favorite blogger of mine was discussing the things she was purging from her possession in advance of a cross-country move. I left a comment on the discussion and included the statement, “Next time I move, I’m definitely getting rid of [geeky collectible that shall go unnamed here].” I really, really should have known not to put a statement like that out to the universe.

So this morning, when I learned that our landlord wants to move back into her house next spring, it seemed like a total cosmic joke. Of course she does! I only spent the last 2 Christmases moving from apartment to crappy house and then from crappy house to wonderful lovely house that I really really like. And moving is my favorite pastime, right?

In truth, moving makes me want to slit my wrists. The packing goes fine at first, but by the time I get to the day-to-day essentials — silverware, cookware, dishes, odds and ends — I truly want to just leave it all behind and buy new ones. Honestly. And don’t even talk to me about the first two weeks, when you can’t find ANYTHING you need. Add in the fact that I work from home and you might as well pass me the cyanide capsules right now.

My only bright spot in all this gloom is that at least we have plenty of notice — which means I have plenty of time to purge, purge, purge. Between now and February, my goal is to get rid of every unnecessary item I can — old client files, books I’ll never read, clothes I’ll never wear, and any useless pack-rat hoards of Mom’s that I think I can toss without being caught. (One of us needs to do it, and I know it won’t be her.)

And at least we won’t be moving on December 23rd… Merry Christmas to us.

Addendum, Nov. 9: She found my clothing discard bag and pulled out at least 3 things for herself. I’m never going to get rid of anything. 🙁

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