A quick update on the situation thus far in our new (rental) home:

Boxes unpacked: approx. 42 dozen

Boxes yet to unpack: approx. 2 million (lesson to others: do not leave boxes unsupervised in dark rooms, as they tend to multiply rapidly)

Problems solved:

  • severe lack of water pressure (fixed on Day 2; required opening valve buried in garden — clearly the obvious place for a water valve)
  • lack of phone service due to scheduling goof-up (fixed late on Day 4 by very grumpy installer-person)
  • lack of hot water in showers (fixed on Day 5; required taking faucets apart to adjust safety valve)
  • security gate issue that locked us out on Day 7 (required phone call to gate company)

Problems yet to solve:

  • oven reeks when it’s turned on, despite being new and clean
  • extra phone line not reaching the inside jacks
  • musty-smelling rugs in the dining room still need collecting by landlord
  • unaccountably hot bedroom, which has me planning a move to the guest room before the weather warms up again mid-week
  • lack of garage door opener (promised by landlord last week but never delivered)

Problems we simply have to live with:

  • very spotty cellphone service in the house
  • no phone jacks in kitchen, dining room, or den
  • fridge that is way to big for the space, making it difficult to open the pantry

If this place wasn’t so utterly gorgeous, I think I’d be suicidal by now; I am way too tired for this nonsense. (Sigh.)

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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