Lately, I’ve been watching far too much TV. I hadn’t been an avid viewer in years, but after Hurricane Katrina, TV started to be an easy, escapist pleasure for me. And over the past six months, the unthinkable happened: TV started taking the place of my beloved books.

For a while, it was understandable; between work and moving, life was just too draining and intense for anything but low-demand entertainment. But now, it’s time that habit stopped. When I can’t read before bed without actors’ voices hijacking the narrative, things have gone too far.

So my Netflix subscription is on hold, and I’m making a conscious effort to use Hulu sparingly and focus instead on reuniting my mind with the written word. I’m currently devouring The Manny — not high literature, admittedly, but when you’re out of shape, you start with a walk around the block, not a marathon. I’ll save the finer selections until I’m ready to run.

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