Mom signed the hospice papers yesterday, so I feel like we’ve done all we can to prepare for whatever happens with Grandma. That’s a big, big relief.

A friend at church said they used the same hospice facility for her father and were extremely pleased with the care he received. She also said the personnel were able to tell very accurately when it was time to move him from home care to the facility. Both of those facts are reassuring to me.

We live roughly an hour from the facility, so when the time comes to move Grandma there, Mom and I will get a hotel room close to the hospice. That way we can spend as much time as possible with Grandma and have a “home base” nearby when we need a break. Luckily, the hospice is very close to my old apartment complex, so we’re both familiar with the area. And there are plenty of restaurants and fast food places on hand for meals.

I feel like we’ve covered all the angles and done everything possible to plan. All we can do now is be attentive and wait.

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