I’ve been a little reluctant to share this news for fear of jinxing it, but — my cousin Freddy Chancellor has found a kidney donor! We got the news roughly a week ago. The transplant surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). So we’re relieved and hopeful that everything will go smoothly. We were beginning to worry that he’d never find a good match. Clearly that was just a test of faith.

He’ll need several weeks to recover from the surgery and regain his strength, but I think that will be a breeze compared to all the waiting and worrying. We’ll be thinking of him tomorrow and praying he’ll be back on his feet soon! Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers that Freddy would find his match.

UPDATE from Freddy’s mom, Monday, November 8: “Freddy is out of surgery! Everything went well and the new kidney is already working. Elizabeth and Freddy are both recovering well and the doctors expect them to be up and moving later today.”

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