Turns out there’s another happy ending to the whole LOFT return debacle. I got a letter in the mail today apologizing again for my inconvenience and thanking me for “giving us this opportunity to improve our service.” Wow. I think this is the first time anyone has ever thanked me for complaining! (Apparently, a six page fax really gets attention from the Customer Service department.) They also included a small gift card and said that “your experience will be shared with the appropriate District Manager and Regional Vice President for additional review and follow-up with the store team.” Ha!!! Take that, Wicked store manager! I think this part of the apology pleased me more than anything, because that store manager was putting her associates in a terrible position, having to quote and enforce a rule contrary to the company’s stated policy. I feel like I struck a blow not only for every customer who’s tried to return an online purchase to that location, but also for the poor associates who undoubtedly endured a lot of heat from unhappy customers. I think both customers and saleswomen will have a much happier holiday now.


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