I got quite a surprise tonight when I discovered that my article on the Wil Wheaton gaming show TableTop was mentioned today on the TableTop website! I started this article back in April with the best of intentions, but it got away from me almost immediately; I’d had visions of putting detailed bio information for each guest and giving a description of each game, but as my life went haywire over the summer, I struggled just to add each new episode and link to the games. By some quirk of fate, I did some heavy additions to the article over the past week, and then I rushed tonight to add basic bio information for all the guests. Whew!!! Nothing like a little recognition to light a fire under a person. 🙂

Luckily, the series is now on hiatus until January. Maybe by then I’ll have filled out my article the way I first envisioned it.

Love and hugs to the person at Geek & Sundry who noticed my work! You made my day.

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