needleSo, a relatively new health issue reared its ugly head last week. I’m doing better now (and it’s nothing life-threatening, despite the doctor raising the specter of the C word), but I can’t help but feel discouraged right now. The testing cost a generous sum that came straight out of my savings, which is part of why I’m so glum. (I don’t want to quote figures, but it was enough for an extremely nice vacation, if that gives you an idea.) I know I should be glad that I had savings to pay for it, but when I think about how hard I work and how careful I am with my money, it really upsets me. If I wanted to spend that much money, I can think of quite a few ways to do it that would have been more satisfying than having an unpleasant medical exam.

Anyway. One of my writer friends sent me this Tom Hiddleston video today. It helps a little.

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