stone-angel-987244-mThe person I wrote this for will probably never read it. But sometimes miracles happen, so I’m going to give it a try.

Dear Ronda,

I am so, so sorry I hurt you, and I deeply regret losing your friendship. I’ve regretted it for over 14 years now, because I’ve never forgotten how much I valued you as a friend or how important you were to me.

I would love to be your friend again if you’ll have me.

I found your work Twitter and thought about contacting you, but I didn’t think that contact would be welcomed and I didn’t want to open up old wounds.

I did a Tarot reading 14 years ago, and it told me we would be friends again. I’d love to believe it was right.

You can find me on Twitter. The ball’s in your court.

Miss you always,


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