I have a very bad habit of holding myself responsible for far too much; it’s not unusual for me to blame myself for not doing enough when the blame really ought to go elsewhere. I’m trying to reframe this way of thinking with some subtle reminders that I can’t help everyone and do everything, and DI Lestrade’s “Not my division” has been a great mantra for me — it reminds me not to take on other people’s jobs and it makes me smile or laugh at the same time. (I also like the phrase “Not my circus, not my monkeys” — or my Dad’s version, “Not my circus, not my fleas.”) If you have the same problem, I hope you can remember one of these phrases and use it to ease your mind in situations you can’t control.

(Thanks to the Calming Brits for reminding me of this great saying and giving me a Lestrade image to match the phrase.)

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