A few years ago, I was in a restaurant having lunch and “Wichita Lineman” (the original version by Glen Campbell) came on the sound system. I hadn’t heard the song in ages and I’d forgotten how much I loved it. I went home and searched iTunes but could only find a cover by a group called the Scud Mountain Boys. I decided to give it a try, and I fell in love with the song all over again. I adored the simplicity of their interpretation; somehow the simple, stripped-down version was more poignant and moving than the original.

I got caught up with real life (moving, Grandma’s cancer and other things) and the CD where I’d burned the song got lost in the shuffle. But I ran across it again a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad I found it. I’m sharing it here to be sure I don’t lose it again.

Here’s a YouTube video of the group performing the song live. (It’s fairly similar to the recorded version.) The music starts around 0:40 seconds. Enjoy!

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