So, the novel is once again on hiatus. (Sigh.) I did some great work at the retreat last month, despite arriving there exhausted and full of self-doubt, pretty much hating my own writing. But by mid-week I’d managed to get past that feeling, and in three days, I edited the next big section, roughly 10,000 words. I came home excited but exhausted again and immediately fell into a funk. (It didn’t help that the prequel story I wrote on spec for an anthology got rejected a few days after my return. I understand the editor’s decision, but it was still a huge disappointment.)

I started reading random bits of the novel a few weeks ago and thought I’d start working on it again, but I’m still feeling out of sorts and worn thin. Work and life have been stressful and not at all conducive to writing — and my recent edits resulted in new plot complications to solve. It’s ironic that each bit of progress seems to move the finish line farther away.

My goal is still to finish revisions by the end of the year. It’s looking less and less likely as the days grind on, but who knows? If I get back on track next month, it’s still completely feasible.

We’ll see.

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