Stacks of paperback booksFor the past week, I’ve read one story every day. (I’ve always favored novels over short stories, so this trend is kind of a Big Deal for me.)

I didn’t plan to do it, at least not at first; I’d just finished reading a novel and wasn’t sure what I wanted to read next. I was looking through my Kindle for ideas and spotted a couple of books I’d started reading last year but hadn’t finished: a short story collection by Cat Rambo and an anthology edited by my friend Nayad Monroe. So I decided it was high time I picked them up again. I also read a couple of stories online, just for variety — and I read two flash fiction pieces today. (I figured I needed at least two for it to count, since they were so short.)

Here’s the full list of my reading for the past week:

  1. Events at Fort Plentitude (Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight, by Cat Rambo)
  2. Dew Drop Coffee Lounge (Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight)
  3. A Crash Course in Fate, by Eric James Stone (What Fates Impose, edited by Nayad Monroe)
  4. Read Me Up, by Maurice Broaddus (What Fates Impose)
  5. Body of Truth, by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (What Fates Impose)
  6. Still Life, With Oranges, by John P. Murphy (published by Lakeside Circus)
  7. Earth’s Destruction: A Crowdfunding Campaign, by Nicky Drayden and Notes on the Game in Progress, Played Almost to a Draw, by Alex Shvartsman (published by Daily Science Fiction)

Will I keep at it? Probably, at least for now. I’ve got a few other anthologies and story collections that I haven’t even touched yet, including Ceaseless Steam, a steampunk anthology that I’d been eager to read and then forgot I had. (It’s easy to misplace things on a Kindle — no physical book lying around to remind you to read it!) How long will I keep at it? Hard to say… as long as I’m enjoying, most likely. Check in next week and see…

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