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Cutest otter video ever

How adorable is this little bundle of otter fluff? I think it’s probably impossible to be unhappy after watching this video for two minutes or longer.

(If I worked there, I’d be poolside playing with the baby otter ALL DAY LONG.)

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Otters love a close-up

I know I haven’t posted much lately (sorry)… but maybe this video will make up for it. I adore otters, and this video gives you some really close-up shots of them. (Otters are clearly very curious, at least where cameras are concerned.) Enjoy!

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Shakespeare meets modern music

Recently, I discovered a creative site that I absolutely adore, and I love it so much that I wanted to share it here. It’s called Pop Sonnets, and the creator takes lyrics from modern songs and writes a new version of them, Shakespearean-style. It’s nothing short of amazing;...Read More »

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