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Another adorable baby otter video

Yes, it’s just what you’ve been waiting for — another adorable baby otter video, courtesy of PBS! This one discusses the process of taking baby otters and uniting them with adult female otters at the aquarium, so the orphans can be raised and hopefully released back into the wild. It’s a...Read More »

Cutest otter video ever

How adorable is this little bundle of otter fluff? I think it’s probably impossible to be unhappy after watching this video for two minutes or longer.

(If I worked there, I’d be poolside playing with the baby otter ALL DAY LONG.)

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Otters love a close-up

I know I haven’t posted much lately (sorry)… but maybe this video will make up for it. I adore otters, and this video gives you some really close-up shots of them. (Otters are clearly very curious, at least where cameras are concerned.) Enjoy!

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