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Short stories: exit, pursued by a bear

I’m done.

While the “read a story a day” experiment was interesting, I’m ready to draw it to a close. I think I’ve read more stories in the past three weeks than I’d read in the past year — and while I’m pleased with that accomplishment, I have to be honest: a...Read More »

New submissions record!

I sent out another flash fiction story this morning (fingers crossed!) and I realized I have quite a few stories out at different markets. I was logging my latest submission into the Grinder (it’s vital to have a tool for keeping track of these things) and saw that I currently have...Read More »

Stories galore (a story a day, week two)

Another week, another batch of short stories and flash fiction! I read more than one story several days, since they were either flash pieces or simply shorter than average.

I know I should probably comment on the stories or review them in some fashion, but, well, I don’t want to hurt...Read More »

A story a day, week one

Stacks of paperback books

For the past week, I’ve read one story every day. (I’ve always favored novels over short stories, so this trend is kind of a Big Deal for me.)

I didn’t plan to do it, at least not at first; I’d just finished reading a novel and wasn’t sure what I wanted...Read More »

Sending out the stories


Fellow writer Amanda C. Davis seems to be my main motivator for submitting stories this year. She’s great about sharing submission opportunities in her Twitter feed, and she mentioned one a couple of weeks ago that appealed to me, mainly because it was flash fiction (something I have a good...Read More »

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