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Posts about reading and creative writing

Writing Exercise: Mirror, Mirror

There’s an old technique sometimes seen in fiction where a character looks into a mirror in order to describe his or her appearance to the reader. While this practice isn’t one I’d recommend, I do think mirrors can be used in more interesting ways.

When we look into a mirror, what... (Continue reading)


Posts about games and geekery

Buying the last Elder Sign

I came to a realization recently when playing Elder Sign, a dice game based on the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft. In the game, you have to collect a specific number of Elder Sign tokens before the Ancient One awakens; otherwise, you have to battle the Ancient One to... (Continue reading)


Posts about life in general

Penguin chuckles

Yes, it’s another cute animal video. It’s been a hard week, so I need a reason to laugh. If you like penguins, consider this a penguin blooper reel. I hope you enjoy it!

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