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Writing Exercise: Resolutions

2015 is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to start making New Year’s Resolutions. But what resolutions would your characters make? Most people pick the standard things like losing weight and exercising more, but dig deeper: if your characters could change something about themselves, what would they alter? Knowing what... (Continue reading)


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My Elder Sign review got an award!

Elder Sign: Jenny

Occasionally I write articles and reviews on HubPages, mostly on the subject of board games and card games. Last week, I was very surprised to receive an email from HubPages saying that I was in the running for a Rising Star award for my review of the fantasy... (Continue reading)


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Otters celebrate Christmas!

I love otters. They’re just so adorable. But I never knew they liked Christmas! Okay, okay, they really just like treats made with minced clams, but it still makes for a great video. Enjoy (and Merry Christmas)!

... (Continue reading)