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Posts about reading and creative writing

Short stories: exit, pursued by a bear

I’m done.

While the “read a story a day” experiment was interesting, I’m ready to draw it to a close. I think I’ve read more stories in the past three weeks than I’d read in the past year — and while I’m pleased with that accomplishment, I have to be honest: a... (Continue reading)


Posts about games and geekery

Hacking my social media into submission

I’ve been more than a little frustrated with my social media sites lately. I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and I pop in on Pinterest once in a while, though not as much as I once did. Four sites may not sound like that many in today’s world, but it’s... (Continue reading)


Posts about life in general

Cuteness overload: Otter Pup 681

Anyone who doesn’t think Otter Pup 681 is completely and otterly adorable is dead. Truly. Sea otter pups are the cutest things on the planet.

I just want to hug it, over and over.

I definitely picked the wrong career. Why did no one ever tell me... (Continue reading)