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The doorstopper

This week, I was looking atĀ NPR’s list of Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books, and it reminded me that I still haven’t read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It was on my wish list for at least two years, and I finally bought a copy... (Continue reading)


Posts about games and geekery

Lady Sif's standing guard

Lady Sif has arrived.

After months of seeing my friends post photos of their Funko Pop Marvel figures and feeling a teeny bit jealous since I totally wanted one myself, I finally did it: I got a Sif bobblehead. She’s been on my Amazon wishlist for at least six months, but... (Continue reading)


Posts about life in general

Otters love a close-up

I know I haven’t postedĀ much lately (sorry)… but maybe this video will make up for it. I adore otters, and this video gives you some really close-up shots of them. (Otters are clearly very curious, at least where cameras are concerned.) Enjoy!

... (Continue reading)