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Still reading... sort of

So, I have read more books since I posted last — I just didn’t have the mental energy to say anything about it. (Sorry.) Here’s a recap of what’s happened since my last report.

I made some progress on the “bought but never read” list. I started with two Fae books...Read More »

Five and two

I actually finished my second batch of five books in mid-August, but put off writing the blog post. I read mostly shorter works again — only one full-length novel, while the rest were novellas of various lengths.

Sisters of the Vast Black was the longest novella, and it surprised me —...Read More »

Five for one


For the first few months of Covid lockdown, I struggled with reading. Sometimes I could manage it, and sometimes I couldn’t. I’d pick up old favorites, read a few chapters, then pick up something else. I even had trouble with The Network Effect, which I’d pre-ordered in...Read More »

Reading revival

I’ve always struggled to be creative when I’m depressed. I’ve hardly done any writing for several years now; that’s probably obvious from the long silence here. But a few years ago — probably around the time that I was diagnosed with low iron levels — I noticed I was having...Read More »

Found words

Spotted this scrap of poetry on Twitter today, and it’s perfect and I don’t want to lose it.

...Read More »

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