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Stephen Amell should be cherished

This is so beautiful it made me want to cry. (One of my aunts has terminal cancer and only has weeks to live, so I may be sensitive on this subject right now.) Be sure to click through for the whole story — the last frame where he kisses the...Read More »

Fixing my Funko (Sif)


I’ve been frustrated lately by the condition of my poor Lady Sif bobblehead — specifically, the condition of her head itself. In the course of standing guard over my desk, she’s taken a tumble a few times, and it’s quite the distance from the top of the PC to the...Read More »

Victorian Tom in the house

Funko POP’s take on Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston’s character in Crimson Peak) has arrived to join Lady Sif, my first foray into the world of tiny adorable character figures. I had him on my shortlist of figures I might get, and when I saw that he’d been released, I ordered...Read More »

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