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Fixing my Funko (Sif)


I’ve been frustrated lately by the condition of my poor Lady Sif bobblehead — specifically, the condition of her head itself. In the course of standing guard over my desk, she’s taken a tumble a few times, and it’s quite the distance from the top of the PC to the...Read More »

Victorian Tom in the house

Funko POP’s take on Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston’s character in Crimson Peak) has arrived to join Lady Sif, my first foray into the world of tiny adorable character figures. I had him on my shortlist of figures I might get, and when I saw that he’d been released, I ordered...Read More »

Lady Sif's standing guard

Lady Sif has arrived.

After months of seeing my friends post photos of their Funko Pop Marvel figures and feeling a teeny bit jealous since I totally wanted one myself, I finally did it: I got a Sif bobblehead. She’s been on my Amazon wishlist for at least six months, but...Read More »

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