Okay, I promised myself I was going to stop grousing on Twitter about being sick, at least for the holiday. So I’m going to gripe here instead.

I’m STILL sick.

Not as bad, mind you, but sick enough that I’ve pretty much decided to bail on the Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow with my Dad’s family. It’s a decision that disappoints me immensely, since being at my Aunt Shirley’s on any occasion is pretty high on my list of favorite things to do. But I’m still coughing and miserably tired, and now the meds are making my stomach feel sore and unhappy. So I really don’t think I’m in a family-party mood.

I hate that.

So I’m going to say the thing I want to say in real life but never will: Dear fellow choir member, when you are sick, for the love of God, STAY HOME and don’t give it to the rest of us!!!

That’s all for now. Further weary thought-spewing when the mood hits me.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all. :-}

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