My $5 fashion accessoryI’ve become a lot more fashion-conscious in the past six months, and I’ve learned to really notice accessories, which are the icing on the cake for any outfit. I follow style blogger Felicia Sullivan and after seeing some of her colorful cocktail rings, I’ve been lusting after one of my own. But I wasn’t sure where to find one. I tried on a couple at Forever 21, but I was convinced that they’d turn my fingers green. So I resigned myself to admiring rather than owning.

Last weekend, I was at Pier 1 for glassware and saw the most adorable rings: feminine, colorful, well-sized, and incredibly affordable at $5 each. I wanted one! Okay, I wanted two. But I told myself I could only have one. So I scooped up a pink one, which is the color I wanted most. I’ve worn it a few times and my fingers remain stain-free. Hurray! I recommend you get over to the nearest Pier 1 and grab one for yourself.

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