This prompt is inspired by episode two (“The Blind Banker”) of the BBC’s mystery drama Sherlock. (If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out. I resisted the idea of a modern Sherlock Holmes, but it won me over with the premiere episode.)

Pick up a book at random and write down three words from it as follows:

  • Go to page 15 and write down the first word on the page.
  • Go to page 39 and write down the fifth word on the page.
  • Go to page 70 and write down the ninth word on the page.

Now take those three words and use them in a poem, scene or story. (If you end up with unhelpful words like conjunctions or articles, try again with a different book.)

Happy writing!

P.S. — Check out last week’s Discworld dialogue prompt if you missed it.

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