DSCF0087The tiniest bunny in the world has been hopping around the front yard this afternoon. He’s been wandering all over the place, showing amazing stamina for his size. He’s practically run a bunny marathon at this point. He actually hopped pretty far into the street at one point, but I spotted him and ran out there to shoo him back to safer ground. He didn’t seem to notice me at first — I was careful to go wide around him until I could get between him and the main street, lest he run farther into danger. He finally looked up at me and I pointed back to the yard and said “No playing in the street! Go back that way.” He stood there shivering for a moment and then thankfully he high-tailed it back to the green space. He had a little trouble getting up the curb, but he made it. He stayed hiding under a knot of trees for about 10 minutes, then went back to wandering. He mostly stayed in the grass, though, with just a brief detour along our front walk.


Here’s one more picture. He doesn’t look as grumpy in this one. (I love the tiny ears!)

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