I sent out another flash fiction story this morning (fingers crossed!) and I realized I have quite a few stories out at different markets. I was logging my latest submission into the Grinder (it’s vital to have a tool for keeping track of these things) and saw that I currently have six flash fiction pieces out for consideration. Plus I sent out one October 1 that was rejected, so that means I’ve sent out seven submissions this month. That’s a total record for me — I’ve never had so many pieces out at once before. Admittedly, they aren’t new stories; all of them are pieces I wrote years ago and either never submitted or sent out once and gave up. Still, it’s exciting to have so many stories under consideration — in many ways, getting published is totally a numbers game, so the more you send out, the better your odds are of selling one (or more). And you can’t get published if you never send anything out.

Here’s to trying, again and again.

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