Mornings really ought to start later in the day. Am icky-tired this morning, thanks to another restless night of half-sleep and odd dreams. The thought that actually got me out of bed was that I had a yard full of hungry squirrels waiting on me. My business clients I’d let wait, but not the squirrels; sad but true. There’s just something about knowing a little creature (or a whole pack of them, in this case) is hungry and waiting on you. By the time I got to the feed bag, I heard a great thump and discovered an unhappy squirrel jumping against the patio door. Clearly he thought I’d forgotten them. They scattered when I opened the door, except for one brave squirrel who continued sitting on the porch, as if checking to be sure I had the food with me. I worry what will happen when we move… I have visions of the next resident being mauled to death by a dozen hungry squirrels. But feeding “my” animals is one of my great joys here in post-Katrina New Orleans, so I’m not going to stop.

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