So. I’m planning a vacation.

I’ve actually been trying to plan a low-budget vacation for several weeks now — to visit friends in Raleigh, where I lived for close to 6 years. But honestly, I was feeling a bit lackluster about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends there and miss them a lot. And I loved living in Raleigh; it’s a great town. But it’s familiar territory. It’s not new and exciting, and as routine as life has been lately, I’m craving a bit of new and exciting.

So when I got an email from my old college friend Julie asking if I’d like to visit her in San Francisco, I jumped all over it. I utterly LOVE this idea. Someplace new! Someplace exciting! (It also helped that Julie mentioned about ten zillion things she’d like to do while I’m there.)

I’m also really keen to hang out with Julie. Julie is a great friend, one of the rare breed you can be separated from for years, and when you get back together, it’s like you just saw each other yesterday; you still click perfectly and nothing has changed. The last time I saw Julie was before Hurricane Katrina; in the turmoil that followed, her employers offered her a transfer to their San Francisco office, and she took it — a great move for her, but one that has put us half a country apart (not unlike my multi-year detour to North Carolina).

We’re both terribly excited about the trip. We’re comparing dates and beginning to toss about ideas of things to do. But honestly, I suspect that anything we do will be great fun. And I can’t wait.

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