There was a time in college when I kept a daily log of my outfits; this was back when I was a lot more self-conscious and was sure people would notice if I wore the same clothes more than once every 3 or 4 weeks. So I kept a clothing diary of sorts and planned my outfits each week with my previous choices in mind. I abandoned the habit long before I earned my degree, and in the intervening years I’ve worried less and less about what I put on from day to day. Lately, my routine has been easy and ultra-basic, if somewhat repetitive: throwing on a pair of jeans and whatever clean shirt appeals to me each morning.

That pattern is about to change — dramatically.

The lovely and amazing writer and fashionista Felicia Sullivan recently presented a fashion challenge, one that she invited her readers to take up and do with her: select 15 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe and wear only those pieces for the month of September. You can accessorize all you want with scarves, belts, shoes, and jewelry, but if you’re out in public (and not at the gym), you can’t wear a garment that’s not on your list. (Unless, of course, it’s a coat — unlikely for those of us down South.) And in a moment of questionable sanity that I may regret shortly, I committed to do it.

I have until Monday to come up with and document my 15 pieces. I’m still debating over the last couple of tops, but I have most of my list in place. It includes only one pair of casual jeans — yipe! — although I’m allowing myself a denim pencil skirt and a pair of dress jeans to make the transition a little less painful. Also along for the ride are a pair of basic black pants, a flared gray skirt, two cardigans (black and navy), and some very versatile tops — nothing got chosen that couldn’t be worn with at least 3 of my 5 bottom pieces. I tried on lots of choices last night in an effort to see what mixed best and to weed out anything that’s not flattering to my figure. (Sorry, little black sheath; not this time.) I’ll do more trying and mixing this weekend to finalize my tops, after which I’ll take photos, post them, and then on Wednesday, the fun begins. Stay tuned…

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