So, you may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Obviously I’ve been very quiet here — no new posts in months. But I think I’ve been more quiet on other platforms too.

I’ve been a little depressed.

We finally moved to Tennessee in September. It was a hard move, and the less said there, the better. Tennessee is lovely but I’m afraid that I expected a bit too much, after so many years of being forced to wait and wait before we could get away from South Louisiana. I wasn’t expecting to run into new challenges and problems here — at least not right off the bat.

So anyway, I’ve been feeling blue and a bit lost. I had really high hopes for 2011, and it let me down time and time again. I’d like to think that 2012 will be better… although frankly, I’m almost willing to settle for things simply not getting any worse.

You’re probably saying that 2011 couldn’t be all bad. And it wasn’t. I lost a lot of weight and I finally got a decent haircut. And I threw out tons of old paperwork and clothes and other things that were weighing me down.

I wish it were that easy to get rid of bad feelings.

I’ll close here since I’m not sure what else to say… other than I’m still here, for whatever it’s worth.

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