It’s easy to get fixated on things that go wrong, to let minor snafus ruin entire days. This afternoon, something wasn’t working for me and I found myself getting increasingly upset by it. I considered blogging about it, but after some thought (and a cooling-down period), I realized I’d be a lot happier if I wrote about something this week that went truly right: my new shoes from

First, a little background: buying shoes is an exercise in frustration for me. I have troublesome feet — size 10 with weak arches — and if my shoes aren’t supportive enough, I’ll feel it in my leg joints in a matter of days, if not hours. So when I find a pair of shoes that works for me, I buy multiple pairs in a variety of colors. After my last “go-to” style disappeared from stores, I discovered some cute little low-heel slip-ons from 5th Avenue that I adore — feminine styling, enough support, and a cushioned interior that my feet just love. I have two pair, brown and navy, but this week I decided to get a black pair as well, since my everyday black shoes are clogs or booties — both too hot for New Orleans summer.

When I went to to order, I discovered something awful — no black pairs left. I tried Zappos and a couple of other places and got a horrible sinking feeling: my favorite shoes had clearly been discontinued.

Not one to give up easily when hunting for my perfect shoe, I did a Google search. Lo and behold, a little ad popped up on the side: said they had my shoe. I stared at the ad, thinking it was a mirage, then clicked.

OH. MY. GOD. Not only did have my shoe, but they had it 20% off and they had GRAY, the dream color that I lusted for last fall when I was doing Felicia Sullivan’s fashion challenge. I snapped up the last gray pair in my size and one of two remaining black pairs. After the discount and a gift certificate, I got them for $33 each. I LOVE YOU, AMAZON.COM!

And, okay, I guess I should admit it — I thought about it overnight and ordered two more pairs this morning. No gift certificate this time, but $45 each is still a great price for leather shoes. And when it comes to comfort, the right fit really is priceless; even cheap shoes aren’t worth being in pain.

So I’m eagerly awaiting my shoe order and reminding myself not to dwell on the things that go wrong. Focus only on the things that go RIGHT.

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