Depressed woman“I’m just a little unwell.”
– Matchbox Twenty, Unwell

I’m having a very hard time of it this week. Some of it is certainly post-vacation letdown, which can be particularly fierce when your vacation consists of a week on a mountaintop hanging out with other writers. (Other attendees have written about this phenomenon, so it’s not just me.) There’s also the not-so-small matter that, since I suffer from depression, I’m vulnerable to gloomy weather, and it rained EVERY DAY I was at Wildacres, starting about ten minutes after I arrived and continuing through my drive home. (In fairness, we had about two hours of sunshine Friday afternoon, but that’s it. Even when it wasn’t actively raining, it was still overcast and too dim.) Add the fact that I didn’t watch my diet and consumed too little fruit & veg and too many evil sugars and it’s a miracle that I haven’t totally dissolved into a weeping mess and just refused to get out of bed.

(For the record, that’s never happened to me yet. I may be a weeping mess now and then, but I still get up and get dressed first.)

Anyhow, I spent way, way too much time on Pinterest today and luckily saw a video that both made me laugh and brought me back from the point of tears. So, in the interest of possibly helping another despondent soul, here it is. Trust me, the story is funny, and the way Gerard Butler tells it is truly delightful. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The above video has been supplanted by one that’s even better. I give you Pine Nuts versus Cumberbitches:

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