I rarely read actor interviews, much less visit fan-run sites, but there’s something whimsical and incredibly delightful about the Tumblr site Hiddlesfacts. The site’s creator takes images of actor Tom Hiddleston (best known for playing Loki in Thor and The Avengers) and adds fun captions — usually ones that claim Hiddleston has amazing, unusual or incredible powers, such as being able to step on a LEGO without feeling pain. I’m not sure why this site brings me so much joy, but it does. Maybe it’s because they celebrate Hiddleston¬†in a lighthearted and non-sexual way; I’ve seen too many fans objectify actors as mere sex objects, and that can get tiresome. Not that I mind a pretty face, but I like specific actors because of their personalities and good nature, and I don’t want to see them disrespected.

Anyway! If you like Tom Hiddleston, or even if you just like inventive and clever captions, give Hiddlesfacts a try. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me.

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